CP Discussion #1

Hey everyone,

As you know, I posted a very critical post yesterday which I still do not know if the team read. Now they are saying their website is “theirs”. These small things make a large impact. Have a look!


The team need to understand that it is not their website. It is a community website and I accept that moderators are and are not part of the community. Why no? Well, they don’t tweet to the community but they tweet to other people! Club Penguin is facing heavy critisicm from the community and I understand why. We never wanted a Merry Walrus Party. People are playing CPPS’s instead since Club Penguin has dropped. What I want to know is if Club Penguin are actually going to understand what we want. No matter how much awareness we create, I beleive Club Penguin refuse to listen!

But is it really Club Penguin’s fault? They make the party but maybe Disney themselves doesn’t let them tweet. They’re not going to know what to do unless Disney (if Disney is behind CP not listening) lets them really take action in the community. Now, don’t get me wrong. Disney might not be responsible for this. What I am starting to wonder is if Spike Hike really has the ability to increase the popularity of Club Penguin or if he is just taking up someone’s space. He has even stopped #SpikeSaturday.

I think that Club Penguin can recover, but they will need to hurry up and do so. After 5 years of Club Penguin, I have never experienced such a bad party in December. We need to keep in mind however, Spike Hike gets to keep his Twitter. Why is this? I think (I am not 100% sure) that Disney requires all the other moderators to stop interacting. Spike Hike however works for Disney and therefore may be allowed to tweet. But here again, what does he tweet? Absolite nonsence! Not interacting one bit.

There is hope for Club Penguin but they must act fast. I never thought I’d be saying this but could Club Penguin really come to an end? It looks that way in the moment. More original parties required and most importantly, listen to your players. What do you think? Comment below! I’d be really intrested to hear your thoughts.

Waddle On,

Torres 126
CP Reveals Author


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