Club Penguin Discussion #4: Awareness From Polo Field

Hey everyone,

Yes I know, these discussions are turning into stories but I have got some news for you all! Last night, Polo Field logged into his own Twitter account and tweeted this.


                                                                                                  Polo Field Talking About #SaveTheClubPenguin

Well, I get Polo Field’s point but it just goes to show, the team are aware of this but aren’t doing anything about it. We try to be positive, but we need a positive approach from you guys, not just making a party because you feel like it. We wanted a Holiday Party, so make it positive with a Holiday Party. If they don’t improve, there will be nothing to remember! Here again, I am going to drill on the topic.

Why did Polo Field only reply to us? Why didn’t he tweet about it when he saw all the hashtags on his timeline? Oh right, because he doesn’t follow anyone. This is a good and bad thing. I would be intrested to see if Polo Field deletes the tweet, in which case it would be a bad thing. However, if he is starting to imteract with the community, this would be a good thing and possibly the end of #SaveTheClubPenguin. Time will tell.

For all we know, Polo Field might not log onto Twitter for a while because a while ago, he tweeted this.


The Club Penguin app was released for Android a few days ago and Polo Field did have a meet-up but it was not Friday when he had his meet-up so it could not have been the start of #FieldFriday again. What do you think? Comment below!

Waddle On!

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