Club Penguin Discussion #5: The Answer

Hey guys,

Alright this is chapter 5 of what is turning into a book. Can someone help me with a title? Just kidding! Anyway, the answers to the mysteries of the lack of content have been found! Someone commented on the last discussion this.

Just thought of a reason why the parties have been getting worse.

The Club Penguin app

If the parties are like Operation Blackout, it might be hard to put it all on the app and the CP team are trying to make the app really good so they would try and add every party.

It turns out this is 100% correct! In Polo Field’s last meet-up, he said that the reason there were no fireworks was due to the releasing of the Club Penguin app and Spike Hike said no! (Credit to RiffyCP for this information).

Well, this is an absolute disgrace. Club Penguin started online and now they’re taking away the “online fun” of it. Surely the online game can be better than the mobile game? If no, they might as well delete the rooms online if they are not on the app. My point is, the app does not have to have all the features on the online game. Most of their audience logs on on a computer anyway.

Now, Spike Hike MUST listen now. The Merry Walrus Party is probably going to permantley replace the Holiday Party and we want fireworks and the dark sky in the next Merry Walrus Party. The other thing that comes to my mind is the fact that you can play the online game on Android and IOS. There is an application and logging into that application last year (when the CP app was not out for Android) worked like a charm. So surely they could make the app like the online world.

Well, that’s all for now! The next discussion will be about CP closing down. Wait, I mean the next chapter. No, I do mean the discussion!

Waddle On!

Torres 126
CP Reveals Author


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