Discussing This Year’s Club Penguin Parties

Hello penguins Scholar here, today I  will be discussing about all the parties that took place in the year 2014. You all might be aware that Club Penguin did not get many positive reviews this year. There were really a number of parties which were disliked by the penguins.

Here in the post, let’s list down all the parties and talk about them.I

1) January- Prehistoric Party 

The Prehistoric Party that took place in Club Penguin in January 2014 was not a great party. It was not bad either. I would say, it was ranging between good and bad. There was a time machine that was kept in the Snow Forts through which we were able to time travel into the past. And then, come back to the present. The best part was that we were able to turn into dinosaurs anywhere. We were also able to collect Dino Puffles and meet Gary.

2) February- The Fair

The Fair was the only 2014 party that I liked. It was actually really good. We were able to go to the Tumbleweed town and the Pirate Town and then there was the Center Stage where the Penguin Band performed every 15 minutes. It was not a bad party, the atmosphere and turning into the nighttime was also great.

3) March- The Muppets World Tour Takeover

Well well, here comes the ‘TMWT’ party. The party was really disappointing. It was a takeover for promoting the movie ‘Muppets World Tour’. The plaza turned into a road kind of thing and there was a Airport decorated there. The whole island was made into different countries. Then, the Muppets came to the stage and sang some song. They were not even moving from their place, just standing still and moving their heads. It wasn’t really a great party.

4) April- The Puffle Party 

Here comes the Puffle Party 2014. I may ask, what was it? In the Puffle Party, Puffle Handler (PH) introduced to two new puffles. Dog and Cat. And, they also made a new Puffle Park. We had nothing much to do on the party, except take our puffles out for a walk. Or, make them play at the Puffle Park. That was all about it.

5) May- Future Party 

The Future Party was only I may say a good party. Not a great one. In the party, we were able to go up in the galaxy and fight with another villian of Club Penguin ‘Protobot’. Mostly, every part of the Club Penguin island was decorated. And, in the Forest. There were big glass like structures in which we were able to make our penguin look small, big or fat.

6) June- Penguin Cup

In the Penguin Cup, the Stadium was turned into a Bigger Stadium and we all were able to play Soccer with our teams. We were also able to challenge the penguins on the island for kicking goals in the net. Which was the most fun part of this party.

7) July – Music Jam

Yay! Here comes the Music Jam!! Wasn’t it the most disappointing party of the year? After so many penguins hoping that the Music Jam 2014 will be a great party. Disquieted again. We had nothing to do on the party! Except they removed the DJ3K and introduced the Sound Studio through which penguin’s are able to listen to their own tunes in the Dance Club. But, about the party. There was only A SHIP that was decorated. Only A SHIP in which different mascots came everyday and danced on the stage. All we were able to do was collect their backgrounds and then happily go back to our igloos.

8) August- Frozen Party

Do you wanna build a snowman? No, I have already built one. We all sat on the cove and cracked jokes about the Frozen Party and discussed about it, we all said that it is ought to be the BEST PARTY OF 2014. Well, at least all the Frozen fans said so. But no, the party was not that great as well! In the party, all we were able to do was freeze and unfreeze the island. And, we were also able to meet Elsa. Not meet her. Just see her dancing… That dance was creepy. And again, we were able to collect her background. But, the good part. A new puffle, Snowman Puffle was introduced in the party!

9) September- School and Skate Party.

Introduced to the new University and the Skate Park. That was all.. I don’t even know who goes to the Skate Park these days. Before the party started, all the penguins started giving out their viewpoints about it. They said, we have had enough School! But, there was also a good part. We were able to build schools in the country where there were none. That was the only good part about the party except that, we all did not even feel like logging in.

10) October- Halloween Party

I won’t talk much about it because the Halloween Party had the same design as the old Halloween Party. Only the task was different, the Puffle Hotel was transformed into an Haunted Hotel and had 13 floors. There was tasks everyday which we had to solve and we were also introduced to a new puffle. Ghost Puffle. That was all, except if you all went to different igloos (like me) for trick and treating.

11) November- Pirate Party

More of fighting against the crabs for treasure, we fought against the glitches. Yes. There were really many bugs and glitches while fighting against the crabs. The crabs took over Club Penguin and everyday we had to fight against them to collect treasure. The rest of the time we had to act like Pirates and speak in the language Rockhopper does. That was all.

12) December- Merry Walrus

Sorry, but whatever you are going to read in few seconds may hurt your feelings about the game. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Alright, so let’s talk about this guy ‘Merry Walrus’ who RUINED the Club Penguin culture of having Christmas and Holiday parties. We all have loved and lived for Holiday Parties. The amazing atmosphere, the heartwarming carols and the flawless nighttime! We all wait for the year to end and want the Holiday Party. But no, Merry Walrus just came from nowhere and made a party after his name. That’s all what he did. We were also introduced to a new puffle. Crystal Puffle. And that’s it.

We were introduced to many Puffles this year. Let’s name it the ‘Puffle Year’.

I won’t say much against the game because at the end, that’s is the main reason we are a community.




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