Club Penguin Discussion #8: Disney’s Relationship

Hey everyone,

Well this is the first discussion in a long time and I’m making some minor changes. In these discussions, one will be posted weekly and the person with the best opinion/comment in the comments section will be featured in the next discussion. Anyway, this discussion is all about Disney’s relationship with Club Penguin.

Club Penguin have always claimed to have strong backing and always been supported by Disney. I believe Screenhog made a comment on another website saying this, Spike Hike saying it and most members of the team saying it. Well, this picture explains a lot.


This is a simple photo to prove, Disney won’t even press a button on Twitter to represent some more supports for Club Penguin. I really do find this interesting as Disney don’t follow their #1 virtual world. Or does this mean the game has a bad Twitter account? Why won’t Disney even follow them? If they don’t follow them then what do they do about Club Penguin other than stick up an advert or promotion here and there? The members of the team who say they have Disney’s 100 percent backing, could you please answer this?

What are your thoughts? Comment below! Remember, I will pick the best comment in the next discussion so give it your all.

Waddle On,

Torres 126
CP Reveals Editor


2 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion #8: Disney’s Relationship

  1. l think CP is Doing WAY to much for Disney.
    lt’s obvious disney doesn’t want CP to be related with Social Media.
    l mean, they forced some Mods to close their accounts


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