Club Penguin January 2015 Review

Hey everyone,

Firstly, you may have noticed that lately we’ve been a bit inactive. However, this shouldn’t happen for too long as CP Reveals owner, @mrzero3cp, tweeted this on our official Twitter account earlier:

Anyway today is going to be the monthly review for the month and yesterday was the start of the Star Wars Rebels Party! I have some compliments and criticism to pass on so here we go.


I always like reviewing the app. It sometimes works, it sometimes doesn’t. As you may know the latest version to the app came out yesterday and it was not installed on my device automatically. Why is this weird? Well, because I have auto-update checked. Also whats more after I installed the app I was greeted very nicely.


So I had to delete the app then eventually it would work. Not a good start and it doesn’t get any better.

He had updated the app and it would not work until almost 5 hours later.

Once again, I am going to say the app needs improvements.


The music in this party was very good. Rooms which have not had a new track of music in a long time was changed with better music. Also I will be expecting a song coming soon. I wouldn’t be surprised that Club Penguin are hosting a musical party next month for their music is excellent in this party. A nice pat on the back from me.


Err…this one is tricky. There are lots of opinions on this but after all these reviews are about opinions. Personally I don’t think the items are that bad but once again there’s nothing really “cool” for non-members. The designs do look a bit weird but not terrible. This has been happening for a while though.


Many people complain that the tasks are too easy in the game. These tasks do seem a bit more challenging and have slightly improved but there is room for much more improvement.


As far as I can see, the graphics are extremely good. I don’t think much improvement will be needed here however knowing Club Penguin, the graphics could go downhill very easily. Fair enough, many things have been copied from the Star Wars party last year but not too much.


Well, this party is the best party of 2015 but there is a long way still to go before we can call it the best party of the year. We don’t want to call it the best party of the year because we want Club Penguin to improve. Where are they going wrong? Money and now the app. There’s no use of having fun on the computer when you can do everything on the app. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the app but they are using it to slow down their progress. They didn’t put fireworks up in December (before we started a protest) because you can’t do that on the app. I also do feel it’s Club Penguin’s laziness. No annual last year, no new merchandise for the puffles. What’s happening? My collection of merchandise can’t be improved. I think the theme for this party was okay but now I wonder, is Club Penguin now for the boys only? It used to be for boys and girls. Some girls don’t like Star Wars. Personally, I like it but others don’t. Spike Hike hasn’t even commented once on my reviews or discussions. Anyway, I am tired from writing 687 words. :P. Leave your opinions in the comments below!

Waddle on,

Torres 126 (Aka Herbert)

CP Reveals Editor


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