Club Penguin Discussion #9: The Last Ever Discussion?

Hey guys,

Well, judging by the title, you may see that I am considering this to be the last discussion before I quit as Club Penguin Reveals is Inactive. Anyway, let’s get into the real discussion.

Secondly, there were no legit replies on the last discussion so I see the community understands we are inactive.

Thirdly, we will be Active again soon. Thanks for your Patience.

Fourthly, DISCUSSION TIME! Todays discussion is all about Club Penguin bans and hacking of accounts.

Now, being a banned forever player, I know how it feels to have £300 of money wasted. At least I was banned for a reason. Today, it has been brought to my attention many players are being banned for “Rude Talk” despite them not even being online.

However here is the other end of the argument. Firstly, the parents account tells us there is a bug in the ban or the account as no rude talk was given. You may remember the earlier “free membership” issue and now, maybe Club Penguin are starting to ban.

Some very good points made on Twitter. But surely hacking memberships is a ban forever? What do you think? Comment below!

Waddle On!

Torres 126

CP Reveals Editor


5 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion #9: The Last Ever Discussion?

  1. It is ok to have more than one penguin? I think I only have one account but with two penguins on it because my friend list is really big with one of my penguins and I don’t want to delete any of my friends, but some of them don’t always get along with each other so I created a second penguin to visit friends with sometimes hope that is ok?


  2. Hey Torres126. Thank you for telling us this information it is really important. It’s not our fault if we use the code. It’s the moderators and workers for club penguin.They need to make cp improve. Bye Torres126.


  3. I think this wouldn’t be a problem if non-members could do stuff. Non-members can barely do anything, and memberships are for a limited amount of time.


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