Puffle Party Coming Soon!

Hey everyone, Osenry here!

Well, this is my first ever post on CPReveals! Let’s just get on with this year’s Puffle Party!

As you make know, Puffle Party is an annual event on Club Penguin that happens every year in February, March or April. Fact: Puffle Party 2012 was my favourite party ever in Club Penguin. It was so good with awesome decorated rooms and good-looking items.

I hope that this year’s Puffle Party will actually be better than ever! There has been some pictures and sneak peek’s of this year’s Puffle Party! Watch out! This contains SPOILERS of the upcoming Puffle Party.


Yes! That is a well decorated room of this year’s Puffle Party! This was revealed just yesterday! Club Penguin released their Puffle Party soundtracks on CloudStudio and that was their cover’s photo. As you can see it’s in the Plaza but apparently, it took the place of The Stage… Is that bad news or good news? We don’t know actually! The Stage is actually a quite useless room.. There is rarely any difference in all of the shows and in The Treasure Box, there isn’t hidden items.. It’s just the same old! =/ Firstly, that is pretty awesome and that room looks well decorated!



Yes! That is a sneak peek of the Mystery Attic! And yes, that is new decorated Attic for the Puffle Party 2015! It looks really stylish with the puffle windows, couches and items. Well, this might not actually be the Mystery Attic since it is a treehouse but.. We will find out! =)



I super love that awesome, incredibly cute emote! I’ll be using that so much since it is very cute with awesome, heart eyes! And this is another sneak peek of the Puffle Party. You can see, Polo Field next to that creepy horse! Oh wait.. It is not gone! =P If you click that horse.. It makes a very scary noise! =P



A while ago, a Club Penguin moderator, Cloudflame had said that Sasquatch was going around the island and visiting rooms! That’s awesome! We’ll be seeing Sasquatch again! Apparently, he’ll be a big part of the party!

Until next time..


Waddle on!

– Osenry


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