Club Penguin Improvement Ideas

Hey penguins! Today I have a very special blog post! I’ll be sharing all the awesome improvement ideas for Club Penguin. Well, if Spike Hike or any other Club Penguin moderator is reading.. Please past all these ideas to the team. Thank you. Newspaper The newspaper is a HUGE way for players to learn what’s happening on the island. Well, has it improved or unimproved? Firstly, it has not improved. Long ago, The Penguin Times was way better in many ways! The old The Penguin Times had little mini-games, a better #AskAuntArtic, igloo contests for coins, quizzes and funny pages with jokes! =) It took 1 whole day to finish The Penguin Times but now.. I bet it takes less than that.. In fact, way less. Now it is only 2 pages with what’s happening on the island and another page with a comic sketch.. No mini-games.. =/ Thanks, Riyita for that awesome video! Check out his blog here: Riyita made an awesome video showing the old newspapers’ quizzes. If you watch the video, the quizzes are very fun and awesome! I certainly loved the old newspaper. Newspaper now

  • What’s happening on the island
  • Jokes
  • #Ask
  • Comics
  • Tips

Old newspaper

  • What’s happening on the island
  • Quizzes
  • #Ask
  • Tips
  • Art and comics
  • In focus
  • Top secrets
  • Poetry

Club Penguin, please bring back the old newspaper. It would be so good! There will be more active players coming online to play the quizzes. Or.. You can just bring back quizzes and the fanart page! That would still be awesome! =) Parties The parties nowadays have less decorated rooms and that’s a bad thing! Decorated rooms make the party really good, but without them.. The party can be really bad. Nowadays, Club Penguin just makes parties to promote their apps or Disney’s animations. If you are saying, why Disney? It’s because, Disney owns Club Penguin and they started controlling the parties and everything when Billybob (Old Owner Of CP) left Club Penguin.


A place from an old Music Jam Party


That’s last month’s party: Club Penguin promoting their app

How can parties improve?

  • A storyline – Parties should have a great storyline
  • Tasks and missions – Keep the players active!
  • Items – There should always be free items
  • More decorated rooms
  • Mascots – We need mascots for every party! Nowadays, there isn’t many mascots coming to parties

Well, some people say Club Penguin should stop focusing on apps and they should start focusing on parties! That’s right in my opinion! =) Also sometimes, Club Penguin copies rooms from previous parties.. =/ Sneak Peeks I loved when, Club Penguin use to do sneak peek videos of upcoming parties! It was so much cool spotting new features in them. I remember watching a really awesome sneak peek video of the Underwater Party. It grabbed my attention and made me want to by membership when I saw those awesome items! =) But.. Polo Field said that there will be a sneak peek for that for the Puffle Party! I surely, can’t wait for it. =) Catalog The catalog is a big part of Club Penguin. You go to the Gift Shop and then look for awesome items on the catalog.. *DUN DUN DUNN* It’s only copied items from the previous parties!! Yeah, nowadays it’s usually items from previous items.. =/ The cover of the catalog is only blue without any background colour and that is BAD! It has to be colourful so it can grab your attention.

Penguin Style Catalog cheats_February 2015_img1

Catalog from February 2015


Catalog from April 2007

You can see what I mean. Everything has changed so much since 2007, catalogs, rooms, games and lot of other things. In the latest catalog, it was really good with 9+ hidden items! It was so much cooler than the other catalogs! What can improve on catalogs?

  • Covers – Club Penguin should decorate the covers more so it can grab attention
  • More hidden items – The last catalog was really good! Carry on the awesomeness!
  • More items for non-members
  • More new items

Products There use to be a lot of Club Penguin products such as plush puffles, mini-figures (toys) and more. I actually got some Club Penguin products since I am a HUGE fan of Club Penguin! There is Club Penguin Magazines in stores but it is only UK exclusive, I hope it arrives to America because if it does, more people will see Club Penguin Mags and then they’ll start playing Club Penguin. CLUB-PENGUIN_NO-15 The Club Penguin Magazines have always had an awesome, colourful cover.These include codes, coins and more! But.. I really want to see puffle plushies! Stores stopped selling them for some reason.. Maybe because, they couldn’t make enough money but.. If that’s so.. I would like to see more mini-figures! 2010-10-16 15.10.44 - Copy[3] Mini-figures were great! They had a great feel when you touched them, they are made out of plastic and you can swap their faces around and that’s quite cool! =) What can improve?

  • More mini-figures
  • More puffle plush
  • Magazines should be available in USA and other countries
  • More Club Penguin CJ cards!

Here is my own video with ideas! That’s all for now! Until then.. Waddle on! – Osenry


2 thoughts on “Club Penguin Improvement Ideas

  1. I agree with this. I just feel like Club Penguin should focus more on squishing bugs and getting the core game back up in running order. I used to love it back in 2011 and 2012 when the CP Team would update us about the bugs they had squished and they would list them so everyone knew that they had really tried to work from the feedback of the players. That’s why Club Penguin was enjoyable because players and the team at Club Penguin worked together to make the game great. After all, we are basically the ones that are the eyes and ears of Club Penguin. We play it often, we notice things that need fixing in game and we then pass it on to the team in hope of a response to the problem. I just feel like we need to work together more. I think Club Penguin needs to realise that there is a 3 to 4 week period of time between each party and we, the players, have to waddle around in a buggy game when the parties aren’t on. If the team take the time to eliminate the bugs and were chilled out about the party aspect of the game, maybe it would make a huge improvement. Parties are meant to be a one off, once a month thing. Think about the real Club Penguin guys


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