Fall Fair CONFIRMED for May 2015

It seems Club Penguin moderator, Polo Field, gave away a lot of cool, juicy stuff in a recent segment called #AskPolo on the Club Penguin blog!  


As seen on the picture above, Polo Field replies to a fellow penguin mentioning that one of CP’s most favourite parties (The Fall Fair) is hitting the road again soon in May 2015! It seems the rumour being spread across the island has turned out to come true! It’s great seeing actual Club Penguin moderators taking on board our advice, suggestions and ideas to make this game more memorable and victorious! 


Who knows what Club Penguin is capable of in the future, this party could be the best of the best or a massive flop. Only time will tell, I’m excited for it, are you?

-Joncena111, signing off! 


2 thoughts on “Fall Fair CONFIRMED for May 2015

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