Another Frozen Takeover?

It seems Polo Field ‘spilled the beans’ on the latest round up of #AskPolo! From his various answers, CPreveals has gotten hold of some pretty awesome stuff set to come soon! 

One of them hinting another Frozen Takeover?


As shown above, it displays one of Polo Field’s answers to 1999bloo about a possible party. 

As most of you know, Frozen is having an epic sequel called ‘Frozen Fever’ which perfectly ties up with Polo Field’s pun: ‘I’ve got a fever…’

This only leaves us with one, good old rumour possibly set to come true!  


Frozen fever takeover! This could be the party of the year, possibly highlighting 2015! 

What would be your response if Club Penguin had another Frozen Takeover?



9 thoughts on “Another Frozen Takeover?

  1. Another Frozen Takeover Awesome!!!! I 😘 All Frozen Takeovers!!! But Possibly May They Have A Big Hero 6 Takeover??? If So I Would Be Verry Happy 😃


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