Attic mysterious pictures…

Club Penguin can be very creative at times, leaving us penguins puzzled about a few bizarre creations; predicting rumors behind several things such as the Iceberg, puffles and more!

Since the newly renovated Ski Lodge’s launch, penguins are free to roam around; viewing the updated room! This is where we come in. As many of you have realized, the Attic (especially) has been decorated with various pictures and items that some of us have never come across!


The picture shown above depicts a blue coloured penguin with a very similar style to popular Club Penguin mascot: Rockhopper. CPReveals have come up with many, many ideas behind this strange painting. It obviously is not Rockhopper as he is a red-coloured penguin. However, here are the ideas we thought of:

1) One of Rockhopper’s relatives (most probably his Father)

2) Rockhopper’s crewmate (Bamabadee)

3) A new mascot?


This picture shows me happily studying this new map in the Attic (found on a table-bottom right hand corner) Again, we have thought of several inferences from this map. The most logical theory is that the small white island is us (Club Penguin island) and the line leads up to Rockhopper Island. Could this possibly hint that sometime in the future, we will be able to access Rockhopper Island?

There are many more bizarre creations in the Attic. Let us know any more you have found and you could be mentioned in one of our posts!

Waddle on,



6 thoughts on “Attic mysterious pictures…

  1. well, I have noticed buoy number 10 is there, but it was underwater (as seen in Underwater Expedition 2012) so who, how and why rescued it and leave it there?


  2. The box dimension portal? Oh yes, that is quite a secret place in Club Penguin! Have you explored it yet?


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