PH Dialogues Revealed for Puffle Party 2015

Club Penguin Reveals have found even more useful information about the Puffle Party 2015! One of them being that Puffle Handler (PH) is a CONFIRMED mascot for the party

Not only that, but we have also uncovered the new dialogues for PH.

Here are what we have found:

  • Yeew, its the Sasquatch! Poor bloke looks real hungry. Maybe he should keep the fishing rod.
  • MORE SCALY FOOD! Mmm, so filling!
  • Crikey! The Puffle Lodge party was crashed! The fish cake is gone and there’s a big hole in the wall!
  • G’day. PH here. The Puffle Lodge is now open in the Ski Lodge. Come by and join the Puffle Guides! We’ll celebrate next week with fish cake.
  • Here ya go! You can fish all you want. But why are you so hungry???
  • Wowza! He was living off just o’berries. Well, we didn’t find a new puffle, but we sure helped Sasquatch! You’re a true puffle guide. 

What do you think about PH’s dialogues? Let us know,

Waddle On,



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