PH Meetup times- Puffle Party 2015!

Hey viewers,

We have all established that Club Penguin mascot, PH, will be attending the Puffle Party 2015! To make your lives more easier, and to stop you guys in going berserk over trackers, we have found the new Meetup times for Puffle Handler! 


So, here are the meetup times for PH…let us know if there are any faults and we will correct it as soon as possible!

Please note that the following timings are in PST. The Clock Tower in Snow Forts, in case you didn’t know, has PST timings if that helps you.

(Time), (Server)

Thursday, March 26th:

11:00am, Chinook

3:00pm, Jack Frost

Friday, March 27th

9:00am, (GERMAN SERVER) Handschuhe

11:30am, Fog

Saturday, March 28th

10:00am, Fog

Sunday, March 29th

11:00am, Sherbert

3:00pm, Rainbow

Monday, March 30th

2:00pm, Mammoth

3:30pm, Mittens

Tuesday, March 31st

8:00am , (GERMAN SERVER) Handschuhe

12:30pm, Frosty

3:30pm, Iceland

Wednesday, April 8th

8:00am, (GERMAN SERVER) Handschuhe


Well, here are the meetup timings for PH; I’ll see you there and I hope you have a blast!

Until then,

Waddle on,



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