Club Penguin Is Having a Frozen Fever Party Next Month

You read the title correctly… Club Penguin IS having a Frozen Fever Party next month. Next month’s Frozen Fever Party was hinted to us when Polo Field hosted a Q&A on the Club Penguin Blog, earlier last week, when he replied to a penguin’s comment (asking about April’s party) saying: “I’ve got a fever 😉“. If you’re an avid Club Penguin Reveals reader- you probably read Joncena111’s post theorising this party, which was published last week. If you want to read Joncena111’s post, please click ‘here‘.


You’re probably asking yourself… “Well, how do you guys know this is confirmed?”… aren’t you? Well, Club Penguin have updated something in their online files which confirms this event. Based on the file, we’re currently unsure as to whether this party will take place as April’s main party, or as a simple mini party (hope so).

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.11.02 PM

Personally, I quite dislike Frozen- but since Club Penguin is targeted towards younger children (who seem to like Frozen), I’m sure this party will go down as a success. Oh well….

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