Club Penguin: Puffle Party 2015 Cheats (VIDEO)

Hello everyone!

After an incredibly long and anticipated await, the Puffle Party 2015 has started. During this year’s event- penguins are able to visit the Puffle Wild (the latest addition to the island), help Sasquatch, collect new wild puffles, go on a quest, interact with mascots such as PH and the Sasquatch, explore the wild and much more! Without further ado, below is a videoed guide which is aimed to help YOU complete the quests at the Puffle Party:

I’d give this year’s Puffle Party an 8/10. What about you? The rooms are great and the Puffle Wild addition to the island is incredible. I also love the new puffles and the fact that we’re finally able to interact with mascots such as Sasquatch and PH. Please do note that the written guide will be up soon! Nonetheless, I’m sorry for the delay, but in the meantime I hope this videoed guide helped you to complete the quests at this year’s Puffle Party.

Have a great day,



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