Howdy Penguins,

From the latest Mod Meetup, hosted by Megg, CPReveals have gathered a bit of extra information! Thanks to a dear pal, Tech70, we have found some news about what might be in store for us in the next few months.


As shown in the picture above, it presents a chat log in which Megg answers to a penguin: ‘no takeover’. However, we are not too clear in to which question she was answering back to, was it May or June? From our previous posts, we had previously confirmed that the Fall Fair would take place in May! So, as we had evidence to back us up, the most logical reasoning behind Megg’s statement was: “As Megg had revealed that there will be no takeover and ‘it will be different but the same’ we conclude that she was talking about May; as we had proof that the Fall Fair will be hosted in that month. As for June, we are not too sure but let’s hope it is a cool party!”

So, basically, here is some more proof that the Fall Fair is probably confirmed for May!

Are you excited in to what is probably in store for us in May? What do YOU think will happen?

-Waddle on,



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