Club Penguin April Fool’s Parties – The Memories

Club Penguin players were angered this week when the April Fool’s Party failed to return for the 3rd year in a row. This party, as the name suggests, would take place on April Fool’s Day, April 1st every year – every year from 2006 to 2012. This purely comical party would feature several entertaining rooms, where players could participate in a range of different activities. The first two April Fool’s Parties are described below.


  • This is a year in which Club Penguin was not owned by Disney.
  • This was the first April Fool’s Party, and only took place on April 1st.
  • The Red Propeller Cap could be obtained by players.
  • The party included a special login screen on Club Penguin, and several decorated rooms.


  • The party lasted from March 30th to April 2nd.
  • The Funny-Face Glasses and the Blue Propeller Cap could be obtained by players.
  • Club Penguin was covered with boxes, in every room.
  • The box portal made its debut at this party, and led penguins to the Zany Dimension.

So, why hasn’t the April Fool’s Party returned since 2012? Generally, the feedback regarding this party has been positive and, although I hadn’t joined Club Penguin when these parties were hosted, they looked quite fun! Spike Hike cited ‘lack of interest’, due to low numbers of logins. I really do feel though that this party could, in a time when April Fool’s Day has expanded beyond its traditions, that this party could prove to be a success if it were reintroduced to the island! Besides, what could go wrong? The party does not require too much detailed attention, and would improve the number of visitors to the Club Penguin Island when other parties are not being hosted.

I intended this post to be a discussion point for those penguins who attended the parties, so please do leave a comment featuring your opinion! The best comments will be featured in a new post tomorrow. If enough positive comments are submitted, I plan to also submit this post to Spike Hike, in hope of reintroducing the party next year.




5 thoughts on “Club Penguin April Fool’s Parties – The Memories

  1. I remember one year, I think maybe 2013, must have been 2013 actually, but I made a slideshow about April Fool’s day on Club Penguin because I had spare time to fill. Anyway, I was really excited for the party and when I found out it wasn’t happening, I was really disappointed. So I was hopeful that it would make a comeback the next year, but I was sorely mistaken. I feel like CP is missing out on the original things that most people celebrate. April Fool’s, nope. Easter, nope. St Patricks Day, nope.


  2. I was at some of the past April Fool’s Day parties & me & my buddies LOVED them. I don’t know anyone who dislikes a party & a free item. And the flying hats (propeller hats) are always being worn & flown in. Ha! I’m not sure if it was April Fool’s but I remember a party where there were some rooms upside down & it was pretty crazy but FUN!!! I think Club Penguin should ask us players what we like & dislike, our opinions & listen to what we have to say. In life, you gotta take the good with the bad & not everyone can be happy but it makes sense to make most people happy. Especially loyal players like myself. It’s good to care about your loyal players & listen to them.

    I just read about a free pair of brown bunny ears with a code you can unlock in the treasure book & the code is PASCUA15. Happy Easter!

    And thanks for writing about this topic, Coollegoguy4!


  3. Exactly! Rather than putting detail into parties that the community don’t particulary enjoy, they should focus on creating parties that capture our attention and engage the player.

    Happy Easter to you too. I’m willing to discuss worthy topics at any time here, so please ask if you’d like a post to be dedicated to your question or topic.


  4. You’re right. Club Penguin needs to prioritise its dedication to the community. More and more players are leaving as more and more traditional parties are being ‘axed’. When the trend becomes more evident, perhaps Club Penguin will reintroduce such parties.

    Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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