Club Penguin Exclusive: Details About Card Jitsu Shadow

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I emailed both Polo Field and Spike Hike about Card Jitsu Shadow. I emailed their official Club Penguin emails, instead of their regular, private accounts they no longer use. Surprisingly, I managed to get a reply back from Spike Hike only. Spike Hike gave away a lot of details related to Card Jitsu Shadow, its interface, its release date, etc.


Before you read on, please do note that this email contains a bunch of spoilers! Without further ado, here’s the email I sent Spike Hike, and the email Spike Hike sent back to me:


Basically, I asked Spike Hike: 1) When Card Jitsu Shadow will be released? 2) Where will penguins be able to play it? 3) What will we have to do?

Spike Hike responded with answers to all three questions! If for any reason you can’t see the image of the email sent to Spike Hike and his reply (above), here’s Spike Hike’s reply:

Hi Mrzero3, Yes, you’re right by saying that we haven’t given anything about Card Jitsu Shadow away… and that’s for sure. However, I’d be open to answer your questions since I feel that your blog appeals to a large population in the Club Penguin Community; and for that, great work. You asked, when will Card Jitsu Shadow be released? Well, we’re currently unsure of this- but based on what we’ve completed so far- possibly in December of 2015. Where will the dojo be? Well, this may surprise you but you know that mystery cave that’s been visible from the Ski Hill for a couple of years, well there. So far the decorations inside look immense and I can’t wait for you penguins to experience it! You also asked, what exactly will we be able to during Card Jitsu Shadow? Well, just like any Card Jitsu game on Club Penguin, obviously the game is going to be heavily based off of the shadow element and multiplayer brawls. In order to play Card Jitsu Shadow, you must already be a master of either Card Jitsu Fire, Water or Snow- to prove that you’re fit enough to play. For your blog’s sake, I’ve attached an exclusive file that features our current costume (Shadow Ninja costume) designs. Enjoy! Unfortunately I can’t give anything else away… but I hoped that this email helped!


Now we know…. Card Jitsu Shadow will be playable sometime in December 2015…. it will be playable in the Mystery Cave (the cave that can be seen from the Ski Hill)… and finally, in order to play Card Jitsu Shadow- penguins must be a master of at least one element. Finally, Spike Hike gave me an all exclusive image of the upcoming Shadow Ninja outfit… click ‘here‘ to see it.

If you chose to post this on your Club Penguin blog, please do give full credit to us.

Waddle on,


Happy April Fools day!

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