Club Penguin: Old Cocoa Bunny Ears Code Exclusive Release!

Hey penguins,

The title says it all- Club Penguin (Spanish) has released a NEW, EXCLUSIVE code set to only be available from March 31st to April 9th 2015! This is, of course, a great way to celebrate the awesome day of Easter! Woo Hoo!


Here is the code: PASQUA15

Thanks to CP Spanish Moderator, Tato Maxx, for telling us all this wonderful code!  To view his blog post regarding the ‘cocoa bunny ear’ code click here

Once again, thank you Club Penguin for releasing this code! It has helped all of us, especially the new penguins who have just joined the community! 

Question: Instead of the Puffle Party, do you think Club Penguin should have hosted the Easter Party along with the memorable scavenger hunts? Let us know,

Waddle on,

Or how the Spanish say it, (I think) ‘ Pingüineando!’ 



What do you think?

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