Club Penguin: PH Meetup timings 2015 (English Servers: Part 2)

Club Penguin have released another set of PH meetup timings on their blog! These meetups range from April 1st to April 8th. Enjoy and I hope this will benefit you during the Puffle Party.

Below are the meetups for PH (Puffle Handler) and what Megg said: 

Hey Penguins!
Here are some more times to meet PH during the second week of the Puffle Party.

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

In case you can not view the photo above, here are the PH meetup timings for the second week of the Puffle Party 2015.

Please bear in mind that these following timings are noted according to the PST timezones and are taken place on English servers

April 1st:

11:00am, Fog

3:00pm, Jack Frost

April 2nd:

9:00am, Rainbow

11:00am, Crystal

April 3rd:

10:00 am, Northern Lights

3:30pm, Wool Socks

April 4th:

10:30am, Mammoth

6:30pm, Frosty

April 5th:

12:30pm, Mittens

5:30pm, Chinook

April 6th:

1:00pm, Sled

7:00pm, Sherbet

More timings coming soon!  To view meetups from other country servers, click here

I hope these meetups have helped you!

Question: Have you found any NEW servers since the release of Puffle Party 2015?

Until then,

Waddle on,



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