Sled Racer Update! Version 1.2

Finally! The Sled Racer app has finally been updated! This update took place on April 1st and since then, I’m loving it!


Here is the new menu screen! It features your penguin (in which you have to log in to) the store (in which you buy power-ups) leaderboard (in which you COMPETE with everyone on the island!) and the Play button.


 Here are the leaderboards! As you can see, the current high score is hosted by Flurry Fast with an incredible ‘9321!’ You can also see what your friends scores are! As you can see, my buddy, Pup1one is currently 4th with a jaw-dropping score of ‘5424’ Moving on! 

Here is the store for the app! With this feature, penguins can purchase cool power-ups which can help them achieve high scores! Fortunately for members, you get all of this of free! However, for non-members, you will have to buy them manually- saving up. 

And here is the gameplay! As you can see, not much of a change from the previous gameplay. But, it is different, the 3D effects are a bit more sharper this time. 

Have you found anything new that we have not discussed? Let us know,

-Waddle on,




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