Club Penguin- Sled Racer Maze Game! 

Hey penguins,

To celebrate the launch of the new update for Sled Racer (CP mini-game app) Club Penguin have thought of many  ideas.

They have decided to tweet out to their interacting penguin fans, about a fun maze game that anyone can take part in. Here was the picture of the mini maze game: 

Pretty cool, huh? Have a go yourself if you have not tried before! 

Here is what the Club Penguin Team tweeted along with the maze:

 Are your kids loving the new version of #SledRacer? Here’s another way for them to own the leaderboard!

-Club Penguin Team

I thought this was a brilliant idea from the Club  Penguin team. It was good for a change, and I am super sure that most of you guys have enjoyed this as well as me!

Have you completed the Sled Racer Maze Game? Let us know your strategies! 

Waddle on,



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