Club Penguin: Frozen Fever Party Sneak Peak-Snowgies?!

Hey Penguins,

The following post is a ‘sneak peek’ for an upcoming party

From Megg’s recent post on the Club Penguin Blog, she reveals something rather…cute yet peculiar. Ever since the confirmation of the Frozen Fever party, penguins all over have been crazy about what will be in store for us!

Megg, thankfully, revealed a small sneak peek of the item/pet that penguins will be able to obtain during the party. And yes, this will be exclusive for members only


As shown in the picture above, it depicts a few ‘snowball type creatures’ gathered around a penguin. We, CPReveals, think that it is most probably a new type of pet as it does not really look like an item. This is quite a creative idea from the Club Penguin team, something that we have not come across before. Could we finally adopt a pet that is NOT a puffle?

Here is what Megg said along with this sneak peek picture:

Hi Penguins!
Ever since we announced the Frozen Fever Party, I’ve wanted to show you something I’m really excited about. Today’s the day!
The wait is over and I present to you the cutest sneak peek EVER… ready?
D’awwwww!!! Aren’t they just the cutest little Snowgies you’ve ever seen?! These little bits of snowy adorableness will be available for members to buy from the party catalog from April 23-May 6 on your desktop computer and from April 23 – May 20 on the Club Penguin app!
Have you seen the new Frozen Fever short? If so, what are you hoping to see at the upcoming party?
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team

So, as mentioned above from the Club Penguin Team, here is a quick reminder regarding the upcoming Frozen Fever Party: April 23rd- May 6th (Desktop Computer) and April 23rd- May 20th (Club Penguin App)

The Frozen Fever party will last longer on the app.

Are you excited for the Frozen Fever party?

Let us know,



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