Club Penguin: Intothemoat and Sled Racer Tips

Ever since Club Penguin App ‘Sled Racer’ has released its new update, penguins are determined to be victorious amongst others on the leaderboard. 

Club Penguin moderators, Flurry Fast and Intothemoat, were  leaders of the leaderboard and were our main competitors as they were the ones who challenged us. We have exceeded expectations and have ‘thrashed’ them by a considerable amount. Them having a decent score of around 9700.

Here is what Intothemoat said regarding Sled Racer and some cool tips we should follow to be legendary.

Hi penguins, Intothemoat here!
I’d like to congratulate all the players who’ve beat my high score — you’ve earned my legendary respect. 

  And for those of you that are looking for some extra wisdom to help up your Sled Racer game, I’ve decided to do you a solid. Here are some of my personal tricks to becoming a high score hero:

 * When using the jetpack, don’t jet right down the middle of the track. Instead, stay along the sides of the hill — you’ll be less likely to run into obstacles when you land.
 * Stick to the edges around the flufflies and you’re usually safe from harm. This technique can also be used to get around the anvils that drop up and down at the end of the tunnels.
 * The best combo of power-ups I’ve found is: Invincible, revive and the toot-blaster.


Shoutout to my fellow sled heads, feel free to add to this list in the comments below.
Well, I’m off to the slopes… see you on the leaderboard.


Thanks for the tips, Intothemoat! 

Congratulations to the penguins in which earned Intothemoat’s ‘legendary respect’ by beating his high score!

What is your score on Sled Racer? Got any tips not mentioned by Intothemoat? Let us know!

Until then,

Waddle on,




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