Club Penguin: NEW ‘Frozen Fever’ Login Screen!

Hey Penguins,

As the Frozen Fever party is only a few days away, Club Penguin have updated their login screen- along with other changes on the island (e.g Footprint Pin)

So, here is the new and updated login screen, inspired by the Frozen Fever party!eer

Looks awesome! This login screen actually makes me excited for the Frozen Fever party, myself not being too happy about its confirmation earlier.

My thoughts about the Frozen Fever Party: In my opinion, I think this ‘Frozen’ idea is a bit too overrated. I understand that some of the CP community LOVE Frozen and it would be a great experience for penguins who just joined the community! I respect that, I personally think its a really good idea. But, what about us? What about the people who have ‘experienced’ this party only a few months ago. 2 Frozen parties in the span of 8 months? I would highly appreciate it if this party could be changed to at least a ‘mini-party’ as after all, the Frozen Fever Party is an animated short with a duration of a rumored 7 mins.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Frozen Fever Party?(Coming April 23rd)


(CPReveals Editor)

Twitter: Joncena111CP


What do you think?

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