Club Penguin NEW Pin: Footprint April 2015

Club Penguin have completed their weekly update, adding more cool stuff to the island! For example, the new cave mazes! That was so cool

And, as always, Club Penguim have hidden another pin on the island. So, as you guys needed help in finding it, we will be ‘reveal’ing where it is! So here it is: 


This pin is entitled the ‘Footprint’ pin and is hidden in the Beacon. Surprisingly, it’s quite small in size making it quite hard to find in the room. The picture above directs you to where the pin is using arrows. The Footprint Pin should be at the very top of the room, overlooking the beacon light switch.

Tip: Can’t seem to find the pin at the Beacon? Try clearing your cache/history!

We are not too sure of what this pin is linked to. Possibly an upcoming event (most probably a mini). However, we think it could have been linked to ‘Saquatch’s‘ sudden appearance in the Puffle Party 2015. Again, this was a complete theory/guess, so we are still not too sure.

How are you finding the cave mazes? Have you completed it and received your prize? (SPOILER: it’s a pick axe)

Waddle on,


(Club Pengun Reveals Editor)

Twitter: Joncena111CP


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