Club Penguin Discussion: Laying Off Staff

Hey everyone,

As you can see, I’m back and this time as editor! I’m going to keep my introduction nice and short but I can assure you that there’ll be more discussions than ever and I’m planning a series called “Party in the Past”. For those of you who don’t know me, I worked here in December last year and a lot of people enjoyed my reviews and discussions. My penguin name is Torres 126. Let’s get into this.

I’m sure most of you read our earlier post and if you did, you would have read that Club Penguin has layed off several staff. In other words, they have all lost their jobs. This comes as their offices in Brighton have, unfortunately, shut down. Furthermore their offices in Kelwona are going to be a lot more empty as lots of moderators lost their jobs. Why you may ask? Well, after the downfall in the quality of game, there has been a lot of loss in their profit as no one (including me) feels the need to renew their membership. Prior to that, they have stopped producing the Club Penguin magazine in England. Well, we’re also to blame. Lots of penguins have been hacking items and furniture lately. This does raise the alarm to see why Club Penguin didn’t react so quickly to the fact that any player could and still can add any item to their account. But due to this, accounts have been banned. This means that the owner of this account is no longer going to invest money into his account and the game. One ban might not be so bad but we’re looking at a scale of thousands of penguins, some even innocent but we’re banned out of curiosity! Penguins do deserve to be banned, but unfortunately this is the outcome if you’re going to ban people (like me) who spent over £200 in the game. Then we come to the amount of staff Club Penguin needs to run the game….

I don’t think the quality of the game isn’t going to get better if they have half their staff leaving the office. However, now we come to CPPS, Club Penguin Private Servers. There is one CPPS I’d like to discuss and that is Flippr. Although Flippr hasn’t yet been released, they often leak images of their game on Twitter. Now, I have to be honest but the game does look fairly better than the Club Penguin we play today. You can follow them and view the sneak peeks by visiting Now, let’s be honest. Flippr isn’t going to have as much staff as Club Penguin themself but the quality already looks better. This proves that Club Penguin’s quality should not become worse gradually. Now here’s the other side of the CPPS story. Club Penguin have come up with all their ideas and Flippr are just copying them with a few changes here. Yes, Club Penguin was and is the original Club Penguin, there’s no doubt about that. But it really comes down to this. Do you want to play Club Penguin or do you want to play Disney Club Penguin? The majority of people will answer Club Penguin. Flippr brings that experience and they create their own parties and items based on Club Penguin, not Disney Club Penguin. Of course, I’m not going to rate Flippr extremely highly until the release of the actual server. Also, I’d just like to make clear that I’ve never been a big fan of cpps until my ban was placed and the quality of Club Penguin dropped. Flippr just looks better than CP.

Now I’d like to discuss their salary and the office in England. Now, you may be aware that Rhubarbcrmbl and Steampowered left earlier this year. For those of you who don’t know who they are, they are some really nice moderators in the UK office. I can say I thoroughly enjoyed their company online. Let’s think a bit higher. What was the reason they left? We don’t know but let’s assume it’s because their salary is being minimised. This shows that eventually the office will have to close if good moderators are losing their pay. If Rhubarbcrmbl and the other moderators in the UK office are reading this, I’d like to thank them for helping make Club Penguin a better place. Unfortuantly, we cannot be certain about this however it is an option. Next we need to ask how big an impact this will make. I can tell you now, it makes a great difference. Believe it or not, the UK office translated things for the other languages servers. Who’s going to do that now? Can we predict them closing? You could say Kelwona but they’ve just lost so many staff. What’s going to happen to Daffodaily5? This could mean no more Penguin of The Week. And thinking about it, it shows uncertainty for the future of the game. There were rumours the game would close by the end of the year and it’s more likely now than it was when the rumours came around. I mean, Brighton’s office and Kelwona’s office are the main offices for the game. Now one of them has had to shut down. Disney’s fault? I think so. They could’ve closed the office in Australia but they had to do a main office. Plus they’ve just lost one of the offices that made such an impact to the community. When we think about it, should people stop buying memberships (which I can assure you they won’t until the quality of the game improves), the Kelwona office will have to shut down. This then means, Polo Field, Spike Hike, Megg and many more will be gone (yes, we can celebrate Spike Hike going!)! So, Australia will have the main office. Say that has to go, I should assume Club Penguin will close. Also, Kelwona office is just a building, it’s not like how I expected it to be. I assume Club Penguin rent it out. This isn’t helping their financial crisis at the moment.

I’d love to hear your opinion on this. It could, after all, determine the future of the game. Also, just for a little bit of a sneak peek, I’m going to tell you the next discussion is about Spike Hike…
Waddle On!

Torres 126


2 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion: Laying Off Staff

  1. OLD CP I joined in 10/25/11 and I like the old music and old rooms
    but Disney is like their boss and I don’t like that I liked when billybob was the boss and Disney just gave them money now its
    club penguin pays Disney and that’s why they are firing staff
    trying to do the same thing to CP like toon town, they want to shut them down.


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