CHRIS QUITS:  Polo Field ‘waddles off’

Disney Interactive has recently dismissed up to 110 staff from the Club Penguin team due to record low membership sales. Kelowna Headquarters, Club Penguin’s main HQ, is the home of many great moderators that waddled around on CP. Sadly, some have been layed off or have either quit…

The title states the exact sad truth that all of you were hoping was just a bluff- Polo Field has decided to move on from Club Penguin. Yep, it’s official as of now, Polo Field (aka Chris) has quit Club Penguin.  He is now seeking a new job out there in the big bad world of ‘opportunities’. 

Here is Polo Field’s special message to the whole island posted on the Club Penguin Blog:

Hey Penguins,
I’ve got a special message from Polo Field to all of you in the community:
Hello Penguins!
Hope everyone loves the Maze puzzle. The team have so many more amazing surprises planned for you this year.
Just wanted to let you know that after 8 incredible years at Club Penguin, I’m going to be moving on. 
I’ve been so lucky to be a part of the Club Penguin Team, serving you guys every day. Thank you for being the most amazing, positive, and friendly community. Thanks for all the beautiful artwork, and encouraging words you’ve sent over all the years. 
Don’t forget YOU make Club Penguin the special place it is! Keep working together to make CP even better.
Until then… Waddle on!
-Chris (aka Polo Field)

Wow, 8 years is a long time to spend at Club Penguin (since 2007). This was quite a moving message from Chris, it took a long time for me to take this all in. Is this how Club Penguin is going to end? Soon, day by day, firing worker by worker (some quitting by their own will), CP will face a major work shortage probably facing debt and bankrupcy in the future. 

Let’s just face it, Disney is planning something ‘special for us’ that will most probably fail dramatically similarly to all their previous attempts in making Club Penguin a better place for the community. Now that Polo Field is gone, who will take his place in being one of the top producers of CP? Will it be Megg? Is she the next person to get fired? I hope not! Literally all of the CP staff have been absolutely wonderful, I feel extremely sorry for them after these irrelevant layoffs 

As Polo Field mentioned in his special message, the only way Club Penguin arise again in popularity is if we (the community) is satisfied with all their hard work. We can express this by simply purchasing a membership. A 1 month membership may be quite cheap for most of you- even that will make a massive difference for Club Penguin’s future. 

Remember that we choose the fate of Club Penguin, guys!



6 thoughts on “CHRIS QUITS:  Polo Field ‘waddles off’

  1. Maybe you guys coild do a fundraising event?the main thing I have to say,is that most people who did play this when u had the money you needed,said they stopped playing because of how”add obsessed “its become..they miss the origanal parties,theyre upset you replaced the april fools party with the frozen fever party..what im saying,is that they think you seem to have forgotten what club penguin is all avout..and if you show us u remember..a lot more people would play and buy memberships..and youd have more money….good luck though..ill be realy sa d to see this game go..


  2. That’s a really good idea! We are looking into helping Club Penguin, however Screenhog did hint that every game has to end at sometime but hopefully not so soon! You can be sure I’ll pass on your idea to the rest of the team.

    Torres 126 (Club Penguin Reveals Editor)


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