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Hi everyone,

I am fully aware that I said the last discussion was about Spike Hike however after contacting Club Penguin Support they asked me to contact Disney so I’m still awaiting a reply from Disney. However, this does not mean there won’t be another discussion for a while. In fact, this is another discussion and it’s all about the Club Penguin Magazine. Well, the majority of you will assume that the magazine has ended. This may or may not be true. Living in the UK, I get to read these magazines and here’s what’s interesting. The edition before the edition that is currently released is the exact same copy except for one thing. The gifts that come with it. The gifts were still stickers however they were considerably different stickers. However, let’s just assume that the magazine has ended as this is the most likely thing to have happened. Now we must ask why it’s ended and I have good idea why. Please remember this whole discussion is based around the assumption that the magazine has ended permanently. I expect Club Penguin will say they can’t fund it anymore however magazines should also bring money into the company so this means it’s, once again, the quality. The difference is, a few months back, I feel the magazine was a lot more successful. Here’s why.

Back then, the magazine was based on the actual game. Say for example the Star Wars Takeover was around. The magazine edition would be based all around the Star Wars Takeover. This, in my opinion is better than the current magazine. In the latest magazine, the issues have been based around random topics and random pages instead of the actual game. I’m not fond of this idea and many people must agree with me if Club Penguin were to close down their magazine. There is of course the other reason that must be considered to come up with the answer. As this is a discussion, we need to consider all likely possibilities and here is another one. I’m sure you’ve heard that the office in Brighton, England has been shut down. The magazine is avaliable in stores only in the UK and Ireland and England is in the UK. Why Ireland you may ask? Well, Ireland were in the UK before but now they’re independent (in other words, they’re no longer part of the UK). Although the magazine ended before the office closed down, could this be a sign to the office closing that we never noticed? I’m sure Club Penguin must’ve gained profit from the magazine despite them blaming membership sales. In my opinion, the office closing option is a more logical reason than the magazine quality. There is one more unlikely option which Club Penguin cannot control.

Tesco. What’s Tesco you may ask? Well, here in England, it’s a large supermarket however they’ve had to start closing their doors lately as they’ve also lost profit. Why blame one supermarket? Well, I often visit different supermarkets and so far, Tesco is the only shop I’ve seen with a free additional item that comes with every issue once in a while. Other supermarkets don’t provide this as it is exclusive to Tesco however I do wonder why. Tesco would have never given additional free items in the crisis they’re having so Disney must have! I’m not saying this is the reason the magazine ended but it’s definitely an option to why they lost profit.

Okay, let’s stop assuming the magazine has ended now. You don’t believe me when I say it has ended. That’s fine. However, there is a bit of evidence to prove my point. Unfortuantly, I forgot to contact the team when making this discussion. There is, however, bits of evidence. You must take my word for this as I’m unable to provide pictures. On the “Very Important Penguin” it stated to give a hand for all forty one winners. This does not occur in other magazines. Nor did it say to submit your entry anymore for igloos or the VIP. However, it did say to submit your entry for drawings and jokes which is very suspicious. I think they just made a mistake but you never know. Why not comment what you think? I’d enjoy reading all your opinions as you make these discussions better!

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