Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party Review

Hey guys,

It’s review time! I suggest, before reading this, you watch ScholarCP’s walkthrough as you’ll understand this review better. I shall be interrogating this new party for flaws, bugs and quality from the app to the computer. Please remember that the review is from the beginning of the party and shall not be changed later during the party. Also, please remember that these are my opinions, and although I’d like you to share your opinions in the comments, I don’t like you using bad language to other penguins. Should you show bad language, your comment will be deleted immediately. Also, remember to read the overview at the bottom of this post. Let’s get into this!

Rooms in a party are extremely important. Unfortuantly, in this party, there is only one new room and one newly decorated room compared from the Frozen Party last year. This is extremely disappointing by Club Penguin. I have to admit that the newly designed room, the Dock, is well decorated but there’s no point with one decorated room.
Rating: 2/10
In this party, there are ten pins. It is a lot of pins but I must say, the pins would have a better rating if they weren’t only in two rooms. I’ll give credit to Club Penguin, as the pins “blend in” a lot more than before. However, I’d prefer the pins to be spread out around the whole island and not just two rooms. This is a costly price in this rating.
Rating: 5/10
For once, I have to admit, the app doesn’t look that bad. It is of course weird how they make it last even longer on mobile. This shouldn’t happen in my opinion and for that reason, I will deduct that reason.
Rating: 8/10
The mission in this party, is to once again find all the snowflakes. Unfortuantly, Club Penguin couldn’t come up with some new challenges and most “good” items are, once again, for members only. Also, you can still transform into Marshmallow. There’s nothing new. The rating goes down for these three errors however Club Penguin did make the snowflakes a bit smaller which is better.
Rating: 4/10
Like last year, members can adopt an Olaf Puffle however I recall some staff saying it’ll be exclusive to that party and won’t come back. This will disappoint some members but I suppose it’ll make other members feel better.
Rating: 4/10
I’m not looking hard enough! Is this possible? Only two bugs? There’s the one with the chat and the menu is glitchy for me on populated servers.
Rating: 8/10
Members, once again, can do a lot more than non-members but only if they started playing this year as most the items are the same as last year. I do not like this party for non-members as they barely have anything to do if members have little to do.
Rating: 2/10

Rating for the Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party: 4/10
In the circumstances, you’d expect Club Penguin to have a bad party as they’ve just layed off so many staff. I disagree. Club Penguin should’ve been preparing for this party a month ago so there is no excuse. I really don’t think there was much of a difference between the Frozen Party in 2014 and I think that the Frozen Fever Party should not have occurred. Yes, the Frozen party was the most requested party last year but I doubt many people enjoyed it. This party is nothing, I mean nothing, compared to the Cave Maze last month. It’s really a one good party, a yawn and then a one bad party. Now let’s think like Spike Hike. He would claim for this to be a great party because it’s on the app. Not everything relies on the app. The only reason it’s more popular than the computer right now is because you only focus on the app. How about focusing on the computer for a bit and see if that decreases your app population? Also, this party does seem very easy to complete, and there’s not much to do after that because you’ve already experienced all the rooms. Forty percent is appalling but unfortunately, it’s what this party deserves. Make sure to comment your opinions down below!

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