Club Penguin: Issue 496

Hey penguins,

Issue 496 is finally here; only 4 more till CP’s newspaper ‘milestone’: 500! 

As Club Penguin have completed their weekly updates, a lot of cool stuff hit the island and so far, it’s been amazing! The upcoming Frozen Fever has finally arrived and as usual, there is a new newspaper issue! 
 Frozen Fever! 
As I mentioned before, the Frozen Fever party has arrived to the island! Please be free to check out her detailed walkthrough on our website. Our dedicated team is always here to help! To view the FULL walkthrough of the Frozen party, click here
Rookie Interviews Himself  
Haha! Good old goofy, Rookie! He has decided to interview himself and he has actually gave away some cool answers. Hmm, one of his answers hints something rather special- something EPF related. It seems Club Penguin has come up with another Herbert mission as Rookie says something a long the lines of: ‘Sure. We are going after…’ And of course, as we normally ‘go after’ our arch nemisis Herbert its quite obvious what our next mission is. Thanks Rookie!

Upcoming Events  
This is my favourite part of every CP newspaper! Its great to know whats coming up on the island. In case you have trouble in viewing the picture, here are the upcoming events:

  • May 7th: Penguin Style
  • May 7th: New Furniture and Igloos

Yippee! Another Penguin Style! What is special about the upcoming one is that we get to see the special clothing item that the community had a vote for. Will it be the: Alien, Candy Apple or Knight? This will most probably determine May’s party.

The second page of the newspaper was really cool too!

Did you enjoy this week’s newspaper? Let us know,


(CPReveal Editor)


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