Penguin of the Week: Penguin 43

Hey everyone,

This is a bit of a discussion but first, let me tell you some great news! Penguin 43 has been selected as the Penguin of the Week! Does that name sound familiar? If it does, it’s because he works here at Club Penguin Reveals! Anyway, before I begin to discuss if Daffodaily5 has been fired, let’s look at the post she made.


If you want to know why Penguin 43 is Penguin of the Week, just look back through the comments of previous POTW posts! He’s a super active member of the Club Penguin community who’s always got a quick and friendly answer for a curious penguin pal.
Do you know a penguin who should be POTW? Leave a comment telling us why! Winners receive 10,000 coins and the POTW background.


-Club Penguin Team

I certainly couldn’t agree more! Penguin 43 is a helpful and caring penguin and I’m sure everyone would agree! A big congratulations to Penguin 43! Now for the “discussion” part. It is stated on the Club Penguin blog that Daffo made this post however the whole community thought she had been fired. Whether she is still a moderator is unknown, but it’s clearly obvious that she still blogs. So what about these other moderators in the Brighton office? Are they still moderators? Have they been relocated or have they been fired? It doesn’t add up to see why Daffo is still making these POTW posts, as she shouldn’t if she has been layed off. Of course, Club Penguin refuse to give any information around the topic of staff being layed off. How it was leaked in the first place is still another question and this time, it questions security. I doubt Disney would want the laying offs to be leaked but they have been leaked! Anyway, back to the point about Daffo. I find it extremely confusing and it doesn’t add up. My point is is that something isn’t right. Either Daffo has been relocated or maybe they have a secret office? I don’t know but from the information we have, we cannot make a clear picture. Make sure you comment your thoughts and comment your congratulations to Penguin 43!

Best fishes,



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