Club Penguin Reveals Update

Hey guys,

I wanted to update you a little on what I plan to bring to Club Penguin however first I would like to tell you this. For around a week or two, I’ll be focusing my blogging time on pages instead of posts. This means that, only for the upcoming two weeks, there shall be less discussions and posts by me only. This doesn’t affect the rest of the staff. Let’s get into this. I plan to bring numerous pages to the site and here they are:

I’m planning to bring a few stories to the site with pictures and lots of words. Like everything else, everyone can read them for free! I’m not too sure about the release date however I do have some ideas for stories related to Club Penguin. I’m not going to mention them otherwise I might spoil too much. However, I would like penguins and pals to comment up with a quick idea that I might just transform into a nice story.

The memes are going to take a bit of work and I’m planning to use them to replace the “Funny Pictures” however I’d need to ask Mrzero3 about this. Also, I need to ask a friend if I can use some of his memes. Please don’t expect to see these for a bit however I am planning them and they will be funny!

Club Penguin Reveals App:
Buddyjosh10, a dedicated Club Penguin Reveals blogger, has been busy making a Club Penguin Reveals app for several different devices. Although it is already out for Android and IOS, he plans to bring them to Windows and to some watches. I have no control over this, however I thought it’d be nice to spread the word so stay tuned for some more updates from him.

Club Penguin Apps
Joncena111, another avid Club Penguin Reveals blogger, is making pages on all the apps of Club Penguin. You may have seen that some are already completed and soon, all the others shall be completed too! This may be a small change but all small changes make a difference!

As you can see, we plan to make several new pages that’ll you be able to read. These pages will not affect any issues on the site; I just wanted to let you know what we plan. I’m super excited to get these released and I think you’ll be too! Make sure to comment below on any suggestions of how to improve the site. Remember to also try and give a topic for a story, as I’d love to hear your ideas as well.

Waddle On!


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