Club Penguin Discussion: May’s Parties Announcement

Hey everyone,

Yesterday, Megg confirmed the two parties we are having in May! I’m first going to show you the post she made and then I’ll start with the actual discussion! So, here’s the post Megg made.

Hello Penguins!

This month we’re trying something NEW.

We’re going to have two different parties — one on desktop, and one on the Club Penguin app! The team really wants to give everyone the BEST experience possible on each version of Club Penguin. And in the past, some of our desktop parties have been difficult to replicate on the app and still be fun for everyone. So…

On the app—when you log on May 21 to June 3 there will be a celebration for rainbow puffles! (Note by Torres: This is probably the Snow Forts)


On the computer—when you log on May 21 to June 3, you’ll experience all the wonders of the Fair and Amazement Park.


What do you guys think of having different parties? Leave a comment and let us know.

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin

P.S. We’ve got an epic announcement about the rainbow puffles and sneak peek of a new area of the Amazement park coming later this week! Ninja’s just adding a few of the final touches as you’re reading this.

That seems awesome in my opinion! What I’m also glad to hear is that Ninja is still in the Club Penguin team despite the lay offs and him deleting his Twitter account. However, before I start asking my opinions, I am going to announce what the community said. In order to have your opinion featured on a discussion, simply follow CP Reveals on Twitter and you’ll find a tweet every now and then asking you for your opinion on a topic. That opinion will be featured in the next discussion. Let’s see what the community has to say!

Snowypaw12 said:
@CPReveals It’s quite a nice idea because it’s easier for Club Penguin to update and having different mobile app parties will be awesome!
S Mumble said:
@CPReveals I find it cool! Two different worlds! It would be a blast! Penguins are gonna love this new experience!!! But people who don’t have the app can’t enjoy the Rainbow Puffle Party…
Mimi17740 said:
@CPReveals No app, no rainbow party. 2 parties- probably result in smaller parties on computer and mobile…
Gooy55 said:
@CPReveals I think it’s great to have two parties in single month, but not at the same time, and definitely not on different platforms!

Well, personally, I think that this idea is a great idea. I understand a few people won’t have the app by the majority of people will. I don’t see anything that can go wrong. Of course, that changes on the day of the party…Anyway, now let’s analysis the parties. We’ll begin with the Fall Fair. It looks awfully similar to the desktop party last year except for the fact that there’s no place for the Penguin Band to perform. Perhaps a new mascot (last year there were none) will arrive, I don’t know. I’m just hoping it’s not exactly like last year and there is a considerable difference. From this one room, I don’t think there will be. As for the party on the app, it looks extremely unique and awesome. Hopefully it will be decorated for all puffles and not just the rainbow puffle. Also, will PH be able to visit in the app? If so, that’ll be awesome! However, once again my point is proven. Club Penguin are putting more effort into the app than on the web and it’s completely unbalanced, especially as some people can’t even access the app but most people can access the web (such as Mumble said). Also, Mimi is right, this will probably make the web version even worse. I disagree with Gooy, as I think it’s a great idea, but the balance does need to be equal. Snowypaw is also quite right! What do you think? Comment below!

Waddle On!



2 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion: May’s Parties Announcement

  1. The sneak peek of the amazement park is actually the Galaxy park from last year’s party, the Penguin band will preform in the park entrance at the left of the picture, you can also see an entrance to a new medievil area, then there’s an arcade machine for the Super Hero Bounce mini game.
    I love this idea though!


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