Club Penguin: Earning the Golden Goggles

Hey guys,

Megg has made a new blog post on the Club Penguin blog on how to earn the upcoming Golden Goggles. Before you read this post, I’d advise you read Penguin43’s post on this item as it may help you understand this post better. Let’s take a look at what Megg wrote.

Hi Penguins!

Exciting news for all you sled racers, we’re going to give you a little more incentive to be at the top of the leaderboard. Besides all the mad respect and words of admiration from your fellow racers, you’ll soon receive…

LEGENDARY GOLDEN GOGGLES!! Some of you may have noticed these in our official trailer video for the recent app update.


Each week before the leaderboard resets, the penguin with the top score in their friends list will have these beauties automatically added to their inventory.

Let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments below.

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

The item looks great! By the sound of it, it seems as if the Sled Racer app will be getting a new update soon. However I’m not to sure about the method on earning it. As the competition is against your friends, you can simply delete all your friends except one and easily win. Of course, most people won’t do that but I think some would. We also don’t know if this item is a members only item. I’m not to certain about the method of earning this prize, but the actual prize looks great! I wonder if we can wear them in the app too. What do you think? Comment below!

Waddle On!



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