Club Penguin Reveals Story Sneak Peek

Hey everyone,

I did promise that I’d release a short sneak peek of the upcoming story and here it is! The story is due to be released sometime next month. This paragraph is not the beginning paragraph, so there is more to story behind this paragraph. Also, some of you may remember a few lines from a certain film…comment below if you know which film that is! Here’s the sneak peek.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN, LOST CONNECTION!” the Director shouted.
“It appears as if we lost connection with the coin on the boat, when they slept. We have no idea if they’ve made it or if they’re even alive. We shall double our efforts to find the missing agents,” replied Gary.
“TRIPLE THEM! And send out a fleet to go to the island too. They might have made it across and been captured”!

The Director had been going frantic. Her best agents had just gone missing and no matter how many agents she sent, she couldn’t find them. They needed someone else. Someone who wouldn’t be seen. Someone who could continue this mission. That was when she had the idea to send a small penguin. An innocent penguin pretending to be a tourist would make a good cover. But who? Ah yes, Rookie would be perfect. He may not have any idea of the EPF, but the Director knew how clever Rookie could be whilst acting stupid. So she sent out another agent, Agent 017, to lure him in. Agent 017 spotted Rookie at the Stage quite easily. He made sure Rookie noticed him and followed Rookie to the Pizza Parlour. Then Rookie went to the Cove and he followed again. Then he left and this time, Rookie followed him to the Ski Village and into an old building. There was Gary, just waiting for him. Gary put a flipper to his lip, signalling to be quiet. There he took Rookie through an elevator and Agent 017 disappeared.

“What is this place? Hogwarts?” asked Rookie.
“Special Operations Division of the Elite Penguin Force. Your friend is one of our best agents. Our Director would like to talk to you.” replied Gary. Rookie followed him in to the Director’s office.
“We want you to work for us.” said the Director.
“You’re joking! In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not a spy!”
“Actually you’ll find it’s not my habit to make jokes. Pity. I guess we’ll have to take away your puffles. After all, Club Penguin does say that puffles who are suffering from extreme illness must be taken away from their owner and your puffle has a rare type of disease, no?”
“People who usually get their way…”
“So if I do agree then you’ll save my puffles?” The Director nodded.
“I expect Gary has prepared a training course for you, haven’t you Gary?” asked the Director.
“Of course ma’am. We’ll begin right away” and he exited the room. Rookie finally had some time to examine the room. The Director showed no personal taste or life. It was all gloomy, and her desk covered with papers which Rookie couldn’t read. They were all in EPF code. However, something caught Rookie’s eye. It was a pencil that looked very familiar. It didn’t matter now, now he was going to go through the toughest time of his life.

How do you think the story continues? Well, I’m not going to tell you anymore…for the time being! Anyway, make sure to comment your thoughts!

Waddle On!


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