Club Penguin Bug: App Download

Hey guys,

I have a possible bug which may not be a bug but it’s extremely annoying! I’m not to sure about IOS, however on my Android every time I attempt to open the Club Penguin App, it says it needs to download resources. This is the screen that appears when I open the app.


Well, you might argue that it’s just waiting five minutes. Yes, it is however it means five minutes every time I try to open the app which takes up a lot of my time. So say that I decide to quickly check something on the interent. When I return to the app, I need to wait another five minutes. Also, this quickly eats up interent data and Club Penguin takes enough of my data! Also, imagine if you don’t have a WIFI connection and you want to play some mini-games on the app.  You can’t! Whether Club Penguin intended for this to happen, I don’t know but I hope we find out. Are you having this problem? Comment below!

Waddle On!



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