Club Penguin: May 2015 Catalog SNEAK PEEK!

Hey penguins!

Its your pal, Joncena111 here! Sorry for the inactivity  lately, tons of revision!

So lets get cracking on to our sneak peak today! We have got our blogger hands on some cool sneak peak pictures of the upcoming May Catalog set to come next month! I dont know about you guys, but I am really excited! 

As the upcoming: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is a new superhero themed, action-packed movie- The Club Penguin community has inputted a lot of ideas about the May Catalog! And of course, you guys want a few of the Marvel Superheroes items to return! 

So, as expected (presumably), Club Penguin has made a respone to our popular demand! They have added some of the clothing items! Here are a few snapshots! 

Please bear in mind that this has been taken out from the Russian version of the May Catalog 2015. 



Sorry for the lack of quality in these images…


So here is just a little bit of extra info (that all of you would know) about the following ‘superhero themed’ items!

  • All of the clothing items will be exactly the same (in terms of display) as the recent Marvels Superhero party. If not, a few minor alterations.
  • Only available for members!
  • Same prices as last time!

I hope you guys are saving up your coins for these amazing items! If you missed the Marvel Superhero party or a new member of the community, this will be the perfect chance for you to obtain these items! 

A Mini-Mini Discussion:

It’s great to see some of the Marvel Superheroes items being returned…again…twice maybe? So, as many of you probably remember, Screenhog wrote a blog post about how Club Penguin would end. And of course, this is a possibilty as he rightfully mentioned that all virtual worlds die out. And the key indications that the end is near for a virtual world (let’s take CP for example) goes as follows:

  • Old parties returning. Same format, same everything!
  • Old items returning

There were many more but these were some of the indications. 

And these ‘key indications/signs’ is exactly what is being displayed on Club Penguin right now. The Frozen Fever Party was basically the exact same as the one we had only 8 months ago. With an exception with just 2 new renovated rooms. And now, we have some of the old items returning- that too with the same style and format. I understand it is to celebrate the new Avengers movie but CP could at least add alterations to the outfits? 

Is this how Club Penguin is going to end? Hopefully not!

So these are my thoughts…what are yours?! Let us know in the comment section! 



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