Club Penguin – Hacked Again!?

Hey everyone,

Today I’d like to share with you all that Club Penguin has indeed been hacked, or rather, DDOS’d. At the time of the hack, penguins were unable to log on- and if they managed to they would eventually lose connection. The screenshot below shows a picture of Club Penguin’s servers during the hack. This just goes to show how poor Club Penguin’s security is and how this ‘hack’ affected everyone.


Hacks have occurred numerous times in the past before and unfortunately, Club Penguin still struggle to avoid them. You may be wondering, couldn’t Club Penguin just be doing some server maintenance? Well, if they were, they usually close the whole game down for around an hour, but that didn’t happen this time. On the good side, the game was up again quickly. Did this hack affect you?

Waddle on,



6 thoughts on “Club Penguin – Hacked Again!?

  1. OMG when I heard that I was just like omg someone says it’s been hacked I was so happy because I thorurght I was bannded


  2. I haven’t been able to log on since early Friday morning and many of my friends still can’t log-on either…is due to the hacking or something else?


  3. Just a update: Got a quick response from Club Penguin…… “We are currently experiencing some issues with players trying to log in. This is on our end of things and we are working hard to get this issue fixed as soon as possible!”……good news to hear.


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