Club Penguin Party in the Past: May 2006

Credit to the Club Penguin Wiki for some information on this post.

Hey everyone,

Today I introduce you to my new series, Party in the Past. Some of you may remember my leaked April 2006 post on that series; this series will be similar to that. As it is May now, we are going to go back to the first party/event Club Penguin hosted in may. That was nine years ago, in 2006. As you will read through this post, you will get a brief post on the series. Through the time machine…

The only party in May 2006 was the Underground Opening Party that occurred from May 26 to May 29. It was a party hosted to celebrate the opening of the Cave, Boiler Room and the Mine. Most of the party rooms were members only. The only free item was the Miners Helmet which was located in the Mine for all players. That item is not considered rare and can be collected to this day. Here are the rooms that opened during the party. I’m sure you can all recognise them.




These rooms are missing things as they just opened a long time ago! The Cave now has a swimming pool. The Mine has more modern graphics as well as Puffle Rescue but the Boiler Room has not changed. As this party is a long time ago, we don’t have much information. I can assure you as we travel through the years in our time machine, the content will be a lot better! What do you think about this new series? Make sure to comment your opinions and suggestions!

Back to the present!



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