Club Penguin Party in the Past: Plot Twist

Hey everyone,

Today I’m proposing to you a new idea that I’ve come up with for “Party in the Past”. It has occurred to me, after doing some research for the parties that occurred during May, that many of the parties are extremely similar to the year before. For example, since May 2006 there have been a lot of Medieval Parties with not much change. That was when it struck me! ⚡ Why don’t we try something different. Say for example that the Holiday Party (Christmas Party) is on now. I’d make Party in the Past mention all the Holiday Parties in the past and compare it to the Holiday Party now. It would show how the parties evolved over the years. Of course, it would mean only around 20 posts per a full year but the posts would be fairly long. I hope you understand where I’m going with this. You may be complaining that you don’t like that idea and others may be saying they do! So to decide, I’ve created a poll that will end on the 7th of May at approximately midnight (United Kingdom time) so try your best to enter by the sixth! You can only vote once! Here’s the poll.

Make sure to cast your vote as every vote could make a difference. Also comment why you made the decision you did.

Waddle On!



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