Club Penguin: Nullrout Planning a Big Attack

Hello everybody,

The hacker who started hacking Club Penguin yesterday, Nullrout, is suspected of plotting a big attack on something. This something is most likely Club Penguin. PigeonPatrol, the person who was helping stop the attacks and succeeded in doing so, said this. Here’s what he said. Please remember that “he” is referring to Nullrout and “penguin” is referring to the person he is talking to.

He also suggests giving your account to him. If this is the penguin name, it’s okay, however I suggest that nobody gives away their account password. After all, people who manage to access your account using your password can remove your coins, delete your igloos, cancel your membership and even ban your penguin forever! It’s interesting to see what Nullrout is plotting. I suspect he’s planning to hack accounts instead of the actual game. Also, you may be aware that yesterday’s posts are removed. Mrzero3, the owner of CPR, asked us to remove them but he later changed his mind so they are all public EXCEPT for the interviews with Nullrout and PigeonPatrol. What do you think about this news? Tell us by commenting below.

Waddle on!



7 thoughts on “Club Penguin: Nullrout Planning a Big Attack

  1. I would tell PigeonPatrol my username but I don’t have a Twitter so I’m still vulnerable.


  2. Official advice is NOT to hand over your password to anyone and to remain vigilant! If you have information on Pigeon Patrol, share it with CP support or your local law enforcement agency immediately.


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