Club Penguin Discussion: Pigeon Patrol

Hey everyone,

Some of you may remember me saying PigeonPatrol is a good guy and a hero. Well, clearly I’m mistaken. Red498 is the true hero! Firstly, let me apologise for insisting PigeonPatrol is a good guy. I’m wrong. Secondly, although this is a discussion, I made this post whilst travelling so unfortunately I haven’t been able to collect opinions from Twitter. This is only a one off though, and shouldn’t happen again. Anyway, back to the topic. This tweet proves it all.

He clearly states he did not actually care about Club Penguin despite saying that he cared about it a lot. He said this when I interviewed him. If you think about it, the pieces of the puzzle fall together. He “protects” the community with the help of Red498 and then completely turns his back against him. The next thing you know he’s asking for passwords in, I accept, a very convincing way saying he can protect your account from hackers. Do not give your password to anyone is my VERY strong advice. How will he protect you with your password? If you ask the question, it doesn’t add up to a legitimate answer. He can only do bad things with your password. He is unable to provide any proof. The second question I ask is assuming what he said in my interview is correct. He told me that he joined PigeonPatrol and left. Why then, does he have access to their Twitter account? In fact, he’s the only person with access to the Twitter account and from what I understand, he is the last person they recruited. You can’t trust someone straight away and it’s unlikely a hacker like Nullrout would make such a foolish mistake. And also, if Pigeon Patrol is a group, who’s the person who has access to the account? What’s his name? He was also very determined to get an interview published. Why? In fact, if seems as if Nullrout wanted this interview too. This doesn’t add up either. My third point, and probably my strongest point, is why Nullrout stopped. The reason we’ve been told he stopped is because Pigeon Patrol leaked out all his personal information.
Surely this would make a hacker more aggressive and target even more aspects of the interent. But apparently not. Nullrout also declared this information as false, yet why did he stop hacking? This also doesn’t add up. The jigsaw is incomplete, in fact, it feels as if pieces have been torn apart. Here is my theory that does complete the jigsaw.

Pigeon Patrol is Nullrout. Everything adds up. Pigeon Patrol wins the community’s attention by “saving Club Penguin” and then goes on to ask for passwords and says he will help protect them from Nullrout (them, in this case, being the community). One of the main rules in discussions is to not believe in coincidences. In the world of discussions, coincidences are a sign. I don’t like coincidences when typing this. It may be a coincidence that Nullrout stopped hacking a few days, if not hours, before passwords were being asked for. I doubt it, because as I explained, I don’t like coincidences. I have got something to back up my idea.



There’s only around a ten minute difference in the times. Well, so what? This is both there first tweet for a while. This could be a coincidence, but I – we’ve talked enough about coincidences haven’t we? My second theory is that Null is working with Pigeon however I’m not going to go into any more details until proof emerges. These are just opinions and theories instead of plain solid facts. What is a fact though, is that Pigeon Patrol cannot be trusted. For once I’m going to ask you to not comment down below. These are hot topics that the hackers may be interested in and may attempt to ban people who go against them. Of course, we have got security measures in place but if the hacker can hack through Club Penguin’s security, who knows what he could do. If you go through anything suspicious, rather contact Disney themselves as Club Penguin’s email support was hacked earlier.

Waddle On!



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