Club Penguin Featured Fan Art: April 2015!

Hey Penguins!

Club Penguin has posted another monthly edition of ‘Featured Fan Art’ with a bonus ‘Sled-Racer’ theme kick to it! I must say, your submissions were awesome (as always!)

To celebrate the Rainbow Puffle Party on the Club Penguin app, we’d love to see everyone’s rainbow puffle fan art!  
-Club Penguin

That’s great! So here is just a quick reminder, to celebrate the upcoming Rainbow Puffle Party, you guys can submit your Rainbow Puffle themed fan art! I can’t wait!

But wait! Club Penguin has posted another segment along with this blog post. 

On that note, have you seen our new fan art submission page? We’ll soon be able to moderate the fan art you’ve submitted and once it’s approved, have it show up right away on the fun stuff page – hooray!
-Club Penguin

As mentioned by the Club Penguin Team, the staff have updated the ‘Fan Art submission’ page! Don’t you think it looks awesome? It will be used to moderate your fan art and approve it within a day or two (hopefully!) 

Do you like the updated Fan Art submission page? Let us know,



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