Club Penguin have posted something new on their blog! This idea, in particular, has been repeated in previous years but is still amazing!

Enough of me saying anything, here is what Club Penguin posted on their blog:


Hi Penguins!
Some of you may remember seeing the amazing ice sculptures from our Festival of Snow parties back in 2007 and 2009.





Aren’t they great? The team would like to carve more ice sculptures this coming June and we need all the inspiration we can get! And that’s where all of YOU come in… submit your ice sculpture drawings from now until May 18, 2015 to help inspire our resident ice carvers.


Feel free to use past year’s sculptures for inspiration or make up all new artwork 
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team

So, basically, your task (optional) is to submit your best ice sculptures to Club Penguin! They want to see how their community is when it comes to arts and crafts! Of course, you guys prove yourselves every month by inputting your Fan Art submissions!
Which  reminds me,  do not forget about those rainbow puffle- themed fan art masterpieces!

I really hope another ‘Festival of Snow’ party will return to the island! I loved it!


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