Club Penguin Discussion: Polo Field’s Laying Off

Hey everyone,

Some of you may remember that Club Penguin Reveals discovered additional information around the news of the Club Penguin team lay offs. Today I’ll be discussing a certain post by Pocket Gamer and the post where I announce Megg takes over Polo Field’s job. However, before I continue I’d like to apologise for the last of discussions. I’ve been extremely busy lately, but I can assure you more discussions on the way. I suggest you read the two posts I mentioned by clicking on their name to help you understand this discussion a bit better. Let’s get into this.

According to Pocket Gamer’s post, Polo Field (mentioned as Chris Gliddon) was fired by Disney. This was probably because they didn’t require him. Why then did Megg replace Polo a few days later? Fire someone who has eight years experience and then promote someone who has half of that. It makes no sense if that’s the deal and weirdly enough, it is. In Disney’s defence, Screenhog did say (after the lay off) that he’d be deeply concerned if he wasn’t replaced. He refers to Polo Field in this tweet.

Is it a coincidence that when a CP Founder says something, Disney listens? If so, founders have a lot more influence than I expected. However, once again I must mention, coincidences don’t exist in this discussion. Also, the founders suggested a lot of other ideas which Disney turned down. You may notice how I refer to Disney rather than Club Penguin. This is because Disney fired the Club Penguin staff. Club Penguin gets the blame but trace the dots to Disney. Anyway, that’s another discussion; let’s continue with this one.

So what’s the point of replacing Polo? Even if they asked Polo after he was fires, I’m sure he’d accept it. I’m not saying Megg should also be layed off. We all enjoy her, even when she was an intern. I would like her demoted to her previous job though. I mean, do you really see Megg going online and interacting with the community like Polo did? She doesn’t hold a weekly event. Sorry I couldn’t take opinions, I was writing this on the go. If you want to be featured in a future post, simply follow @CPReveals and look out for information there. Make sure to comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Club Penguin Discussion: Polo Field’s Laying Off

  1. club penguin workers are being layed off because of Disney! I think I know Disney’s plot, to suck all the money dry of club penguin and shut them down!


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