Club Penguin Blog: Caption this Picture

Hey everyone,

Today Megg has made a new blog post on the What’s New Blog! First I’d like to mention, isn’t it intriguing how only Megg is posting these days? Anyway, this post has something to do with the Fair and a contest, but I think Megg can explain it better than I can!

Hi Penguins!

It’s a pretty well known fact that we love concept art. So when we were gathered together as a team looking over art for the fair, Deamama had a great idea for this picture:


That’s right! We’ve already captioned this ourselves, and now we want to hear what you’d put in the speech bubble! 😀

What do you think the dragon is saying? Leave your caption in the comments below!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

I wonder what the team suggested? More importantly, I wonder what you suggested! This idea on the blog seems interesting. Perhaps they’ll add a few prizes for the best caption too! What are your ideas and thoughts? Comment below and make sure you also comment on the official blog.

Best fishes,


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