Club Penguin Discussion: Chat Filter

Hey penguins,

Today we’ll be discussing the chat filter. The reason this aspect of the game is so important is because, I can assure you, the game would be a lot more unsecure and chaotic without it. Then again, it is also chaotic with it. That’s what I’ll be focusing about today. Let’s see why and if this problem can be solved.

Nowadays, you have penguins attempting to use bad language online a lot more than back in, let’s say, 2008. In 2008, there was a chat filter but it was no where as near as strict as the filter today. The problem is that perfectly good/safe language could be considered bad language. What’s most annoying about this is there’s no indication of whether or not your message made it through the tough filters. Just because you can see it, doesn’t mean other players can see it. This is why Club Penguin suffers when it comes to being a “social game”. I mean, it’s not exactly social when you stuggle to have a decent conversation with someone. This is why the community is on social media and most of the messages there are very polite and reasonable. Private chat…

Who doesn’t love the idea? Back in 2008 this would be great! But we’re not in 2008 and there would be a chat filter here. It would be very difficult to have a chat, even here. Besides, Spike Hike said this would come out in 2013. There’s no private chat so I think the team has ruled out this idea so for that reason, we aren’t going to discuss this matter any further. Believe it or not, Club Penguin has a list of over 300,000 words which a player can say. Words not on the list cannot be spoken. Ridiculous! Club Penguin should have a list of 300 words not to say instead! This is the way to solve the problem. Club Penguin could also at least give us a small window saying that your message didn’t make it through the filter if this happens. It doesn’t seem right how Club Penguin typed out 300,000 words when they could have typed out 300 words. For their defence, what if they forgot a word? Well the report feature is there for a reason! I’ve also seen messages that have edited capital letters. This is not a big deal, but it shouldn’t be the case. Sorry I was unable to take opinions from Twitter as I have been so busy. This may be the case for a week or two, but no longer than that. Make sure to comment below in this discussion.

Waddle On!



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