Club Penguin Bug: Rainbow Puffle Celebration Chat?

Hey guys,

As all of you know, the Rainbow Puffle Celebration will be on the Club Penguin app soon. As such, the team has promised all players a rainbow puffle, regardless of your membership status. When snooping through some pages on the Club Penguin Wikia I found two phrases of chat that will occur in Club Penguin.

  • Adopting a majestic rainbow puffle requires a paid membership.
  • G’day! Rainbow puffles are here! EVERYONE can adopt them until June 3. Launch yourself to the Cloud Forest to find them.

Let me start from the second line. The phrase “G’day” is often spoken by PH (Puffle Handler) so I think we can all expect her to be a mascot during the party. Or can we? There has never been a mascot on the app and I doubt that will change anytime soon. So I think that this will be an introductory message during the party. Now for the main part. The first phrase says that adopting a majestic rainbow puffle requires a membership however the second phrase says that everyone can adopt them! However, what is a majestic rainbow puffle? Could this be a new puffle exclusive for members instead of the usual rainbow puffle? Or this could just be a bug which Club Penguin will fix which, I think, is the most likely theory. What do you think?Comment your theories down below!

Waddle On!



What do you think?

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